New and Improved!

Welcome to the new and improved All Families Natural Health website! Many thanks to Lea Meyer of Indieprenuer Power for the fabulous rebuild. Her creativity, technical know-how and customer service are unparalleled and I highly recommend her services. Not only does the new site look better, but it works better too. The improvements include more content, the ability to download patient forms and a more well-organized blog.

All Families Natural Health has a new and improved office as well! I have joined the team at Denver Community Acupuncture. The energy over here is amazing and we have many exciting projects in the works. I am especially looking forward to working with them in our mutual areas of specialty – including pediatric care, women’s health and fertility. In the meantime, I hope patients enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, expanded clinic hours and front desk support that my new location has to offer.

Additionally, naturopathic medicine in Colorado is undergoing exciting change as well! House Representative Jim Riesberg has introduced HB 1173 to license naturopathic medicine in Colorado. This is necessary for two important reasons – it offers consumer protection and provides more health care choices for Colorado citizens.  Stay tuned for ways you can show you support for this important piece of legislation.

2011 is looking great so far – be sure to check the blog regularly to keep up with all the action.

Be well,

Dr. Caitlin

2 responses to “New and Improved!”

  1. Jessica

    Yay! Denver Community Acupuncture is awesome. Glad to hear that HB 1173 has been introduced too. I’ve been hoping something like that would be introduced.

  2. Rebecca Young

    Great site, Dr. Caitlin!

    I will be sure to check back for helpful info. I enjoyed reading about the honey and children’s medication below. Both of my kids have seasonal allergies, and our three year old daughter has a nasty cough that goes along with them. (Although, we don’t buy cough medicine for her.) I look forward to trying honey.

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