The three months following the birth of a baby are often referred to as the “fourth trimester.” As your hormones and emotions shift, your body changes and your sleep is disrupted, this time can be extremely challenging. New mothers need specially trained healthcare providers who can help them successfully navigate the “fourth trimester.”

“Adjusting to parenthood is stressful,” said Dr. Caitlin O’Connor. “It helps to have a team of support people. A Naturopathic Doctor with experience in post-partum care is an important part of this team. Gentle, non-toxic modalities help new moms find balance.”

In addition, many new mothers plan to breastfeed their babies – but there can be unexpected challenges in this area as well.

“Just because breastfeeding is natural does not mean that it is always easy,” said Dr. O’Connor. “From producing enough milk to perfecting the ‘latch,’ there is a lot of work to be done. During the first two weeks post-partum, I can make a home visit to evaluate and assist new moms with breastfeeding.”

In addition to being a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. O’Connor extended her medical education to become a Certified Professional Midwife. Her specialized courses in this area included lactation management, the safe use of herbs during lactation and post-partum mood support. She has participated in the birth and post-partum care of more than 100 babies – including support with breastfeeding and parenting.

For more information regarding natural health options for post-partum and breastfeeding, contact Dr. O’Connor at (720) 855-3160.