Women’s Health

Women have different health issues than men.  While the causes of a sore throat or a sprained ankle may not vary much between a man and a woman, the causes of reproductive health issues will be vastly different.  Women need specially trained healthcare providers who understand their unique differences.

“Women respond well to the naturopathic approach, which addresses not only isolated physical symptoms but the whole person – mind, spirit and lifestyle as well as body,” says Dr. Caitlin O’Connor.  “Women in particular appreciate the fact that naturopaths are willing to spend more time listening to their patients and discussing alternatives.”

Dr. O’Connor consults with women on a wide range of health issues, including abnormal pap tests, irregular menstrual periods, polycystic ovary disease, fibroids, metabolic disorders, infertility, birth control and family planning, menopause, nutrition, weight control and stress management.  She is a Certified Professional Midwife.

“As a medical practitioner, I respect the considered choices women make about both health and lifestyle,” said Dr. O’Connor.  “I realize that the choices we make about our bodies and about our health are deeply personal.  It is my goal to work with women to find the best options available to fit their unique needs.”

At Bastyr University, Dr. O’Connor supplemented her primary care courses with specialized courses and conferences focusing on women’s nutrition, hormonal balancing and botanical medicine for women’s health.

During her two-year clinical internship and her one-year post-graduate clinical residency, women were a large part of Dr. O’Connor’s practice.  During her residency, she worked closely with Dr. Kimberly Windstar-Hamlin, her mentor and a recognized national expert in the area of naturopathic women’s health.

For more information regarding natural health options for women, contact Dr. O’Connor at (303) 803-5355.